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MAY DAY PLAY  - Two Plays in One Day

MAY DAY PLAY - Two Plays in One Day

SKU: 05182024

IF YOU LOVED "TRUE LOVE", you've GOTTA check out the comedy offerings of TRUE LOVE PRODUCTIONS...!!!

The 2nd 1st LADY
Katrina has her role on lock! No one will EVER suspect what goes on behind the scenes of the sacred parsonage...!
This comedy drama play will have you throwing shoes!
Lyona's looks have always opened doors for her. She has moved through life using everyone to gain what she wants and people just hand her everything...until they don't.
You'll love to hate Lyona in this comedy drama.
This combination of plays will be the perfect gift to do something different!
A Perfect gift to treat your mother, children's mother or the family to a relazing fun filled evening of laughs and dessert!
Get one play for $25.00 / Save and purchase both for $40.00

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